Portfolio Allocation and Performance as of Oct 29th, 2021

Financial Instrument % of Net Liq Gold futures Feb24’23 @NYMEX 13.19% TCS LSEIOB1 10.34% CMRE PRE 9.95% DRIO 9.60% AIGL LSE 8.94% APO 8.49% MGNT MOEX 8.10% EXL IBIS 7.95% GAZP MOEX 7.77% 3CP FWB2 7.38% Gold futures Apr27’22 @NYMEX 6.56% IBKR 6.24% VTSI 5.93% QIWI 5.80% BABA 5.74% TTE SBF 5.51% 8GC FWB2 5.53% […]

Portfolio Allocation and Performance as of Sept 26th, 2021

Some highlights: Chinese stocks remain beaten down. I have increased my Xiaomi ($3CP) long position. The company has been (reasonably) buying back shares themselves $SNAP short remains painful. I can accept taking a loss on this one, but it’s hard at this price, I need to think of my exit strategy over time. For now […]